Well, after yesterday’s incredible winds I knew I would have to adjust today with pretty much the same conditions forecasted. Scott, Mike & Chris joined me but this time we fished a smaller lake hoping not to get crushed again. We arrived around 8:30 under much cooler temps of 52 degrees and overcast skies but the winds were a lot less in strength. They never really got any stronger than about 10 to 15 knots and the cooler air only topped out at 55 degrees. Within a few minutes of arrival we were fishing and Scott wasted no time locating the first bass on a jerkbait. A smaller fish of about 2.5 pounds came to the boat and he was on the board! Both Chris & Mike were throwing jigs in anticipation of one of their own as we covered water still searching for bigger & better. Scott managed to get hold of a second fish slightly over 3 pounds on the jerkbait once more along the bank we were covering and I knew it was just a matter of time before the others would be into some of their own. We shifted areas and I decided to hit a deeper water hump off shore and on Chris’s first cast with the jig, he was locked! This was definitely a better fish and the net came out to ensure its arrival into the livewell. A four pounder was now swimming in the tank as Mike almost added to the board one of his as well. Unfortunately, it came unpinned but Chris recovered for him with another of similar size and I knew there were more. It bounced back & forth between both Scott & Chris but Mike still needed to land one of his in order to fully eliminate the skunk he was carrying. As the person with the least experience of the three, I had mentioned that by days end he would have the largest fish of the group. It always happens that way! Mike finally hooked up on the next spot and ironically, he got the only three fish from there too. From that point on, it was one here and one there with a few bite offs from the Musky. Throughout the day we picked at them and eventually decided to try trolling for Musky for a little while. Unfortunately, the area I wanted to fish had a water ski course set up right in the zone where the fish live. Although it was a little difficult, I somehow managed to keep clear of their ropes and floats and actually had a 4 foot rip on one of the rods almost immediately. Damn drive-byes, I hate them! I decided to try casting the area instead and followed the bank carefully, looking for another fish as Scott casted the big plug in anticipation. Unfortunately, it was not to happen and after 15 minutes of throwing the chunk of lumber, he was done. I figured we would complete the pass before trying trolling once more and hooked up on about the tenth cast. Although the musky wasn’t a giant, they at least got to see what they looked like on this lake. The 30 incher was released immediately! Idiots come in all shapes and forms and we were about to see a new style as a ski boat decided to remove the markers that were blocking our trolling pass. Unfortunately, they just cut the balloons from the ropes and left the lines in the water. Imagine that! Well, we had the biggest rip I have ever had while trolling after and I wasn’t surprised to see it was a rope line. What a bunch of morons! I had a hard time retrieving the lure from the line and once I did, we were out of there. With the day closing in on an end I decided to try one of the areas we had hit earlier in the day and was glad we did. Chris locked up with a nice fish almost immediately when we found the deep rocks. After that one, Mike & I doubled and both were on the large size. I had Scott net Mikes and immediately after, mine. The net bowl looked awesome as two over 5 pounds were laying side by side in the rubber mesh. Right down to the wire and Mike had finally come through with the largest bass of the day. It was also his personal best and deserved a couple of good pics for the memory. We decided to call it a day after the next spot and hooking into nothing. All the fish were in the livewell and were released after a quick photo shoot before we were on our way. This move away from the city and hurricane like winds was obviously the right choice as we managed to scratch out some real beauties on the remote northern lake. I think everyone will remember this day and especially Mike as he remains on the top at least until their next outing!!