I fished with Andre & Jim once again today on Lake St-Francis. They fished with me at the beginning of the year and were back for some more punishment, due to the weather, Mother Nature was not going to be kind today! The day began with 25-knot winds from the northwest and rain. If you thought that was bad enough, well it got even worse! The temperatures dropped from over 50 degrees to below freezing during the day. Add four hours of snow squalls and you have the makings of the perfect day! We managed to endure all that she had to throw at us and still came up with about 30 bass in the 2.5 to 4.5 pound range. There was a couple that even went close to 5 pounds, landed! This had to be the worst day spent on the water this year with all the weather changes we had. Thankfully, the fishing more than made up for the day of misery!