I had a window of oppertunity today and took advantage of it! Max & Ben were about to experience the best salmon fishing of their lives. The air was a chilly low 50’s and the water temps dropped as well to 39 degrees since last week. With all the rain and cool temps we had lately, I knew I had my work cut out for me today! Less than 5 minutes into the troll however, the first salmon was on and landed by Ben, while checking the lines. Great start, but it would be close to an hour before the next one was to arrive. The water level had risen almost 18 inches since last week and really cooled off as well, making the activity level of the fish rather non existant. No particular pattern or location accounted for the 8 salmon caught, as we trolled all over looking for the warmer water. Ben managed to get into a real beauty in the afternoon while once again, checking the lines. The fish hit about 10 feet off the side of the boat while he was stripping the line in. Talk about a chinese fire drill! The fish gave him a battle that he’ll never forget as he stripped all the line off the deck of the boat and plenty more, on the first run. Definately one of the largest salmon that I have ever seen from this area. The fish measured 22 inches and was in the 4.5 pound range. What a beauty! It was also the last one we saw as we trolled for about another hour without any luck. Great Day!!