I fished with Max & Denis today on the Ottawa River for Largemouth Bass. The first time out there is always the hardest, but this time was an exception. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s to low 80’s, and the water temps never exceeded 70. The water was quite low for this time of the season and it was also very stained from the rains & winds. We also had a very strong W/SW wind with gusts up to 25 or more knots. This time we were glad for the wind, as the deer flies were absolutely insane. Without it, there would be no way to fish! It took quite a while to get the first bass as we found out that they were already into the summer patterns. Grass lines and plastic worms accounted for the first few hook ups and slugs caught several more afterwards. We stayed on the same type of cover and caught many more in the afternoon on Scum Frogs & Slugs. The weather began to push a storm front into our area and sent us running for the boat ramp by 5:00. All in all, a good day with about a dozen bass and some pike caught. The largest bass went just under 5 pounds and would have been more if it wasn’t all spawned out.