Once again, I fished with Joe today on a couple of lakes. We started out on Crystal Lake in Barton and caught lots of small bass. The water temps were around 75 degrees and we had overcast skies with heavy humidity. By 11:00 we decided to head to another lake instead of hanging in with the tiny smallmouth. We arrived on the second lake by about noon and began fishing in a slight 5 to 10 MPH W/SW wind and overcast skies once more. The water temps were slightly cooler than the first lake at 68 to 70 degrees and the air temps were in the 80’s. A light drizzle soon turned into a steady rain for about 30 minutes before having thunder in the distance. About 12 bass were caught in an hour or so averaging 4 pounds apiece before we had to leave the lake from the approaching storm. Lots of miles today, but slow fishing overall.