I had a half day scheduled with Dave & John from Colorado today and decided to go out on a local lake. The morning air was cool, but soon went into the 80’s when the sun got high. There was little to no wind and the humidity made it feel even warmer than it actually was. Water temps were around 76 degrees where we were fishing and rocky, weedy areas were the cover we were on. Shortly after we arrived on the first location, Dave caught a smallmouth over 4 pounds on a Power Jerk-Shad. John missed several strikes but eventually landed his first bass on a tube bait soon after. Plenty of big smallmaouth were all around us, but were difficult to get to take. About a half dozen fish were caught and many others lost or missed before we relocated to another area nearby. Dave managed to pick up a walleye of about 3.5 pounds on a spinnerbait and we contacted a few more smallmouth amongst the weeds also. Eventually, we made our way to a few larger rock shoals and they threw tiny crankbaits for smallies. Once again, several missed strikes and followers, but only a few fish were caught. All in all, a slower day than expected as they landed about a dozen fish with several different presentations.