I was back on Lake St-Louis today with Hugues & Pierre for smallmouth bass. We had winds from the S/SW at about 10 to 15 knots for the start of the day that increased to 15 to 25 from the W/NW by the end of the day. Air temps were cool for the start, but went into the 80’s by afternoon. The water temps were low 70’s on the lake and upper 70’s in the shallow weedy bays. It took both Hugues & Pierre a little while to get use to fishing texas rigged tubes, but once the first bass was landed, they were sold. Most of the day was spent fishing this way due to the weeds & rocky areas that we were fishing. There were even 4 walleye caught as an added bonus along with the 15 or so smallmouth up to 4.5 pounds. Unfortunately, more bass were lost than caught on this strange weather day. After a lesson in pitching tubes for largemouth bass in heavy weeds and only catching two bass, I decided that we would go back for smallmouth once again. Many more fish were seen, but only a few were caught as we headed closer to the boat ramp & fished a few more shoals. The winds had already switched direction and increased in speed causing problems with the boat control. This was the first time this season that I actually ran out of power for the electric motor and had to keep the boat positioned with the main engine. A few more fish were caught again, but we had to call it quits when lightning began and a huge storm front began moving in. We made it back, but not before we all got poured on when we ran straight into the heaviest of the rain. All we needed was 5 minutes earlier to avoid this misery! All in all, a great day with plenty of action of all kinds!