I fished with Mohammed today on Lake St-Louis for smallmouth bass. The day was probably the nicest one I’ve seen in a while as we had blue skies and no wind. Air temps went up to 80 degrees by the afternoon and the water temps were around 77 degrees in most areas. We were into fish in the first 5 minutes after we arrived on a flat in the middle of the lake. Mohammed had not fished in over 7 years but still managed to get the first walleye. He caught another one only a couple of minutes later and followed it up with a bass of 3 pounds shortly afterwards. There was plenty of large smallmouth swimming around that just wouldn’t take anything. We continued fishing all over the area and managed to catch about 10 fish or so up to 3 ½ pounds mostly on tubes. After a while I changed locations and we fished another area with weeds and a drop off. A couple more fish were caught before we decided to go to another area and throw Senko’s & Power Jerk Shads. It was slow, but we managed to get a few fish up to 4 pounds. We jumped around a bit and caught a few fish everywhere we went. The last area we went to try produced many more bass and even more followed our baits right up to the boat without taking. Crankbaits and Jerk Shads seemed to work the best in this place as we had over 15 fish interested. All in all a great day as over 20 bass were caught with many more missed & seen! On our way back to the boat launch a boat in distress flagged us down. It seems that they had hit a reef and damaged their motor to a point that it would not even start. Careful observation and a chart of the water you are on would be a good idea! Too many people just don’t have the respect they should and think because it’s a lake, it’s deep everywhere! Big mistake! I had seen a police boat on the water earlier and ran back to get them some help. Hopefully everything turned out all right as I brought the police boat back to the boat in distress and went on my way. Tough day for them!!!