Another day with Troy on Lake Champlain today, but this time the wind was there! We started with waves of about and ended with 4 footers. Temperatures went into the 80’s by afternoon making for a beautiful, fall day. We started dragging Carolina Rigs in about 12 feet of water and caught a few small smallmouth up to 2.5 pounds. I slowly moved out until I found some better fish in the 23 to 3 foot depth. We didn’t catch too many, but they were from 3.5 pounds up to 5 pounds. The larger fish were definitely in the deeper water in this area. We tried plenty of other areas and caught a few fish in just about every place we fished. When the waves got too bad to hold in any one area, I threw out a couple of drift socks and we drifted a long shoal and caught several more bass. By 5:00 we had had enough and headed back to the boat ramp in 4 to 5 foot waves. Another day with about 15 or so bass caught and several others lost. It was another tough bite, considering that we should be in a full fall feeding frenzy by now. I can’t wait for cooler weather!