Wow, another day that I was able to actually get on the water again! It’s hard to believe that “Mother Nature” can be so nice after she’s been so cruel to me this season. Warren & Nathan were the lucky ones to accompany me today as we headed out once more for some of those Pumpkins. Most everything stayed the same as far as the weather was concerned, but with one minor exception, wind. It was actually howling from the West at somewhere near 25 MPH with even higher gusts. This was a day that I would really have to work hard to obtain boat control so that they could manage to fish. It wasn’t as easy today to get started as almost 15 minutes went by before the first fish was hooked. Nathan had another smallmouth between 4 & 5 pounds on, but dropped her by the boat before I could get a shot with the net. Oh well, there’s plenty more where that one came from, I thought. How wrong I was for Nathan, I would soon find out! Warren was definitely on fire as it seemed like every fish he hooked was a giant and they pretty much all got landed. Fours & fives once again filled the livewell for the afternoon shoot. Nathan was a little slow in getting started after the earlier lost bass. When I changed the color of tube to the same one Warren had, he was immediately hooked up. He caught plenty of bass, but it seemed like they were all smaller. Three pounds was about the largest and that was strange for the type of area we were fishing. He did finally manage to get into a bigger one late in the afternoon and redeemed himself from the harassment Warren was delivering. Warren had the largest bass today with one topping the scales at 5 pounds 4 ounces. Plenty of others were not far behind as well! When we finished taking pictures, we fished for a little longer and had a small flurry of activity at the end of the day before we packed it up and headed to the ramp. All in all, another great day on the water with plenty of footballs Caught & Released once gain!