I fished with Tim today as he was in town for a weeklong Mukie trip with a buddy of mine and as usual, took extra time for the smallmouth. We only started to fish around 11:00, but made up for it with the smallies that were caught! The snow was falling, but it managed to subside as we made our way across the water to our starting location. The air temps were slightly above freezing and climbed to the low 40’s in the afternoon. Winds were out of the S/W at 10 to 15 MPH and the skies were cloudy with occasional sunny periods. The water temps were very low at 41 degrees and falling each day with the cold nights we have been having. I knew the bite was going to be a slow presentation with tubes & spider grubs dragged across the bottom to get them to take. Less than five minutes after we wet the first line, Tim had a fish of over four pounds on with a tube and landed her soon afterwards. For the rest of the day, there were fish about every ten to fifteen minutes on and fortunately most were landed. The average size was still over four pounds with plenty in the high fours. There were probably 2 or 3 that even went over five for the photo shoot. All in all a great day with huge football like smallies putting on the feedbag before the winter’s deep freeze arrives.