This past week was a total washout as all bookings were cancelled for one reason or another. The weather definitely played a huge role, as the winds most days were tornado like causing the waves to be three footers at the best of times. As usual though, this weekend showed us a cold, sunny, windless day like it has for the last three. The air temps began below freezing but eventually warmed up to almost 50 degrees by mid afternoon. We decided to head out late in the morning as neither of us really wanted to have ice forming in our guides while fishing today. Four to 5 hours would definitely be enough today! The spinnerbait bite has all but disappeared with the water temperatures barely mid 40’s. We had to fish slowly with tubes and spider grubs to get the dozen or so fish that we did. A small fish today was three pounds with the bulk of them going over four. There were even a few that were over five pounds mixed into the livewell for the photo shoot later in the day! It was hard to believe that no other boats were around to enjoy this beautiful day on the water as we had the entire area to ourselves. This is by far the best time of the year to take advantage of some of the greatest fishing of the season and I think that it is still yet to come. On some lakes the fish have began to school up and 40 to 60 fish days have been occurring, however not all bodies of water are seeing this yet. Last year I fished until the 28th of November and I think this year might even go later. If you can endure the cold temperatures I suggest you give this a try! This is the time of year for a real trophy as the smallmouth feed heavily before the winter arrives. I hope to beat last year’s lunker of 6 ½ pounds that a client took in mid November with possibly one over seven. Who knows, someone might catch the trophy of a lifetime and realize just what they have been missing, by fishing the cold-water period that produces the biggest fish of the year. It could be you! Give it a try this season and you’ll be hooked for life!