I was back on the water once again today with my wife, Christiane and fished for almost five hours until the winds kicked up too bad to troll. The day began with sunny skies and air temps above 50 degrees. Winds were from the S/SW at about 10 knots but increased to 25 knots after noon. Our first trolling pass produced 3 salmon with plenty of action. The fish were hitting the short lines this morning, which was unusual. Normally, the longer lines get most of the action, but not today! The winds made fishing a little difficult, but not impossible as we were seeing slower action, but action nevertheless. When the shallow bite died off, I decided to troll deeper water looking for a school of Salmon. Two rods went off at the same time as soon as I made it to 20 feet but only 1 stayed locked up. There were definitely more fish deeper as they moved out with the cooler shallows. The warmest I could find there was 42.5 in the morning and 43.5 in the afternoon. The further off shore you went, the worse the winds were, so I tried to remain in a fishable zone. It was definitely slower than yesterday, but the conditions weren’t as good either. We trolled until about 1:30 PM and called it quits when it just got too bad. Our rewards for today were 7 salmon & 1 brown trout with at least 4 lost fish and a few missed strikes as well. We had the potential of equaling or bettering yesterday’s total, but fell short due to the winds and duration on the water today. All in all it was a good day, with plenty of action in a short time. Several other boats were seen fishing the same area, but we never saw any of them hook up. Oh well, better luck next time! With the weather continuing to warm, any stable weather day will be a productive one. From now till the end of the month, every day should be a “Double Digit Day”!