I fished with Dave again today, on a trophy lake for smallies. The weather sucked, to the max! It rained all day and the wind got up to 15 to 20 knots with stronger gusts by afternoon. Visibility above & below the water was really terrible as we worked our way along the shores of the lake. Air temps went up to 50 degrees and the water temps were 62 in most areas. The lure of choice for the day was a fin-s tipped 1/8 oz jig on light line. There weren’t as many fish caught as yesterday, but they were all quality ones. By 3:00 PM we were fed up of all the wet weather and decided to call it a day. The total count for landed bass today was eleven and the average size was above 4 pounds with the largest going over five. All in all a good day considering what “Mother Nature” had dealt us to fish in!!!