Andre, Jim & his daughter Careen were to be my guests today on a local lake for bass. Jim had waken his daughter up at midnight to drive the over 6 hours without telling her why. It was going to be a surprise for her as he called it “Daughter Appreciation Day”! She was about to experience an unbelievable smallmouth fishing day as we were soon about to see. With the air temps a warm 73 degrees at the beginning of the day, it climbed to over 80 degrees by the end, making for a comfortable fishing day all around. Sunshine and light winds soon changed during the morning to heavier winds of 10 to 20 knots from the S/W. The water temps went from 69 degrees to 71 as the day went on causing the fish to get more active as it rose. We had a slight delay as I towed a fisherman to shore with engine problems even before we were to wet a line. It’s an unwritten rule to aid anyone in need of help while on the water and I wasn’t about change that. We were rewarded for our good deed with a hookup almost immediately after as Careen landed a smallie of 3 pounds on a senko. The next fish was going to be a giant for her as one of over 5 pounds soon came to net. Andre got in the game a little while later with another fish over 4 pounds and Careen followed it up with another 5 pounder almost on the next cast. This went on for a while with fish being caught on every spot we fished. Andre managed to hook into a real beauty in the afternoon that went almost 6 pounds and had big fish of the day! Jim eventually got in the game with several hookups in one spot and managed to land a couple of the smallies that bit his line. With the wind blowing terribly on the lake, we decided to try a sheltered area for largemouth bass instead. Plenty more fish were caught & released by all parties before we braved the elements and headed back on the lake once more. The winds were gusting even stronger than before and a couple more smallies were caught before we headed back to a sheltered area once more for largemouth. We fished it for about fifteen minutes before we called it a day. All in all a great day on the water with 25 or so fish landed and released up to almost 6 pounds!!!