Richard, Dax & Andrew were to join me on Lake Memphremagog for a day of bass fishing today. It started like every other day lately with light rain and overcast skies and turned worse as we headed up the lake. The water temps had dropped once again and were now 59 to 60 degrees in most areas of the lake. Air temps never exceeded 52 degrees! I also experienced something the likes of the Detroit River when I ran through a washing machine like series of waves. There was a wind direction switch as I had W/NW & straight N winds at the same time. I tucked in behind an island and saw some really serious 5 to 6 footers higher up the lake as well. The top water bite had really slowed down with the drop in temp and most of the smallies came on soft plastic jerk-baits. We eventually tried for largemouth and got into about 15 or so mostly on senko’s. By the end of the day, close to 50 bass were caught & released up to almost 4 pounds. Due to the horrible weather & water conditions, this was a good day nevertheless!