I fished with Mike and his father, Dave today on a local lake. It was a second attempt at getting them on the water after a weather cancellation earlier in the week. The skies were really overcast and a light sprinkling rain was on & off all morning. The air temps were in the mid 70’s with high humidity and the water temps were averaging 75 degrees. Senko’s were to be the lure of choice for the smallies today and it didn’t take long before they started to produce. Most of the fish were in really shallow water due to the overcast skies and once we started to fish there, we began to hook up often. Plenty of fish up to 5 pounds were caught and many more were either missed or lost. With this trip being only a half day, the time surely flew by and it was after noon before we knew it. I thought I would try one last spot on the way back and switched to tube jigs for this area. The wind had really increased and this made the drifts real short as the area wasn’t very big. The morning had seen literally no wind but now it was out of the S/SE at 15 to 20 knots creating a two foot chop on the lake. There were to be no more bass caught, but 4 or 5 walleye were taken with others also missed. After about 7 or 8 drifts, we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. All in all a great half day with at least 15 smallies caught and some bonus walleye too!!!