I fished with Anthony & Minya on a local lake for largemouth bass today. To say the fishing was tough would have been an understatement! Air temps began above 75 degrees & humid with almost no wind at all. Water temps were almost the same at 74 degrees in the shallow weeds that we fished. Heavy cover was what we were to be fishing today and heavy jigs were our baits. This was to be the day of missed fish as everyone missed more than they caught! Several smaller bucketheads were taken up to about 2.5 pounds on a variety of baits like tubes, worms & slugs before any larger fish were caught. Minya was to be the only one to hang on to any fish of decent size, but we all had our chances. The first larger fish of 3.5 pounds came on a surface frog and it was really aggressive. His second fish of about 4 pounds came on a slug and she was barely felt on the bite. The weather was about to take a turn for the worse as it began to rain and the winds started to blow from the N/E at 5 to 10 knots. Even the temperatures & humidity began to fall! This was to become a pain as the direction was contrary to the current flow creating a 2 to 3 foot chop in some areas of the lake. We moved around a little more and caught a few more fish, but nothing of any size until Minya hooked into a big smallie. As luck would have it, this 4 pounder was also lost at the side of the boat shortly after she hit a soft plastic jerk-bait. This day was just not fending well for the fishermen as we continued to miss fish right up till the end. There were about a dozen fish landed and at least that many more missed fish to painfully add to the total. All in all a really good day, for the fish! Not so great for the fishermen! Tough Bite for all!!!