Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and his father Steve on a local lake. The last time Mike was with me, it was with his son Ryan and he thought it would be nice to have his dad experience some of the same action. As it turned out, this was to be an unbelievable samllmouth bass day! Unlike the last time, today was a day with sunshine and occasional cloud cover. No Rain Gear! The air temps hit the mid 60’s and the water temps were around 59 degrees in most areas. We began by dragging tubes and spider grubs in some deeper water and it wasn’t long before Steve was into his first smallmouth, ever. The start of a good day is when it takes less than 30 seconds to hook up! Mike had a rough time just hanging onto the bass as many were lost before his first one came aboard. The fish were biting a little light and letting go shortly after they were hooked. Eventually, we made the necessary adjustments and they were into plenty of fish on each and every drift we made. The winds were almost non existent making for a pleasant day on the water. Smallies averaging 2.5 pounds were being caught regularly and an occasional 3.5 to 4 pounder as well. By mid day, the sunshine had been out long enough to warm the shallower water and I thought we would give it a try for a while. It was definitely the right decision as Steve & Mike had multiple hook-ups, mostly on tubes. A few of the larger fish were taking senko’s too! From deep to shallow to mid depth, they had action all day long. If all the fish were to be landed, the total would have exceeded 75 bass, but they had to settle for about 60 percent of the hook-ups instead. All in all a great day for both size and numbers.