I was back on the water again today with Joe & Steve on Lake Champlain. Joe was a bass fisherman from Texas and Steve was more of a fly fisherman than a spinning rod fisherman, but was willing to give it a try. The temperatures had taken a dive from yesterday’s high of 75 degrees and began in the mid 50’s. Water temps were just below 60 degrees and pretty much remained that way through the day. In fact, the air temps barely went up either as they topped out at 60 degrees too. The winds had turned 180 degrees and were now blowing 5 to 10 knots from straight north. This was going to be interesting as I wasn’t quite sure how it would effect the fishing. It took a while before the first bass came aboard as we were covering plenty of water with tubes, spinner-baits and jerk-baits trying to entice these bass into biting our offerings. Joe managed to get the first one on a crankbait and Steve soon followed with a nice bass of 3.5 pounds on a tube. A few more smaller ones and a northern were hooked into on a spinner-bait before we tried another location. It was strange as there didn’t seen to be any concentration, just single fish here & there. Everywhere we went, there was about one fish caught so I decided to try some deeper water and see if they might be more interested. Once more, it took a while before the first fish was hooked into and as soon as she went into the air from 25 feet deep, she threw the hook. “There goes a 4 pounder”, I said! Shortly after, another fish was hooked up and she also came off. Instantly another 4 pounder took to the air and I knew it was the same one just hooked. We travelled around quite a bit looking for some concentration, but never really got into them. Just a fish here & there as Steve hooked into a good one close to 4 pounds on a spinner-bait once again. I figured we should just move when he got this fish, but stayed a little longer without any more strikes. Off to another area and we worked a strip of shoreline with rocks & weeds and here there were actually several fish hooked, but most were lost. The last spot of the day produced a handful of fish, mostly by Steve as he once again landed a nice one of 3.5 pounds. We stuck it out for as long as we could before calling it a day and heading back to the ramp. It was definitely tough to swallow after a day like yesterday, but that’s fishing. Overall a harder day with about 20 bites in total. Unfortunately, not all were actually landed!