I fished with Neil & John today on another local body of water for smallmouth bass. The conditions weren’t exactly perfect as we had strong west winds in the 25 to 30 knot range all day long. This made for very difficult boat control not to mention line control. The air temps reached a balmy 45 degrees by the end of the day, but felt more like 25 degrees with the cloudy skies and heavy winds. The water temps never exceeded 54 degrees. My deep water bite was all but impossible with these conditions as I made only one attempt at a drift. There was no way to feel the bottom until it was too late and you were in the rocks so I opted for another location. They began casting tubes to areas in the 10 to 20 foot range and Neil was soon tight to a decent smallie of about 3.5 pounds. Nice start to the day, but the best was yet to come! It was really difficult to feel anything other than the wind whistling through your ears and this was becoming a problem, feeling the takes. Eventually I was able to get the boat sideways and just drift over the areas allowing both to cast with the wind. It wasn’t perfect, but it helped! Neil definitely had the hot hand as he was catching everything that sniffed his jig. He managed to land a bunch of fish between 3 & 4 pounds before John finally got into them on his own. Once we reached a little shallower water, they were hooking up regularly but most of the fish were not staying on long enough to come to the net. They did however, both manage to land fish over 5 pounds in the next couple of hours. Neil even had one that was so bloated that it went closer to six! The wind never let up a bit through the day and this was the first time all season that I actually killed the batteries for my electric motor late in the afternoon. We took a few pictures of some of the largest bass, returned them to the water and fished a little longer. John managed to land another beauty over 4 pounds and a few smaller ones before we called it a day. This was the nicest it had gotten all day and we had to leave because of the batteries. The sun was shining and the wind had died down to a very tolerate level. Overall, it was a very difficult day with numerous hook-ups and about 30 fish landed. If it weren’t for “Mother Nature” we would have had a much better day. Oh yeah, she even snowed on us for a short while!