Part 2: The afternoon bite continued to be great for a while longer in the deeper water and then the fishing just slowed down. We were still catching decent fish, just not as many as before. I thought it was time for a change and decided to try another area nearby, casting tubes. It took a few minutes for both of them to get the hang of it as I repeatedly showed them with multiple hook-ups. Eventually they were able to work these baits through the rocks and weeds and also began to hook up. Look out, more big fish once again made their way to the livewell for a later shoot. Blair was actually getting the hang of this and hooking up with more fish than Darren when all of a sudden he also slammed into what felt like a rock. As it began to move, he realized that it felt bigger than most of the fish he had hooked into during the day. It wasn’t until the fish went airborne that we all realized just how big she actually was. “There’s your 5 pounder”, I said! “Get the net & not you Blain”, was his response. This one was meant to be as I slipped her into the net and brought it aboard. We had to weigh this fish and she went 5 pounds 3 ounces. Definitely Darren’s personal best! He was thrilled for a brief moment until Blair slammed into another bruiser. When she went into the air, it looked bigger than the one just landed and I thought Darren’s glory was about to be shattered. When I slid this one into the net, she definitely looked bigger than the first one and I had to weigh her as well. It was touch & go for a second as the scale was moving between 5.4 & 5.3 before finally settling on 5 pounds 3 ounces. They were clones that both weighed the same. One was a little longer and the other was a little fatter. After that, the 3 & 4 pounders didn’t even get them excited as I netted several more before calling it a day. We took a few more pictures, released the fish and casted a bit more before packing it up and heading home. If ever there was a day to be on the water, it was today. I have had plenty of great days with customers, but this would have to rank in the top three overall. There were quality fish all day long and I don’t think that there was ever a period of time that we went more than 5 minutes without someone being hooked up. If I had to guess, I would have to say that there were 75 to 100 smallies landed with another 25 or 50 also either missed or lost as well. The strange thing is that about 50% of these fish were in excess of 3.5 pounds. It was definitely Darren & Blair’s best day ever on the water as they are probably still thinking of how many fish the two landed. Overall, yeah you guessed it!!!!!!!