Welcome to Friday the 13th! I’m usually not a superstitious person, but today was the kind of day that might convert someone. I was to fish with Gino again, but on a different lake for smallies once more. It began with my cat staring down at a skunk in the back yard while I had my morning coffee and got worse! While I was loading the boat I realized that the solar lights on my front lawn decorating the trim of the house were mostly gone. It seemed that someone liked them better than my wife did and decided to swipe 7 out of 10 from the grass. I’m sure that they would have taken all of them if it hadn’t been for the neighbor’s son scaring them off sometime in the early morning hours. Now to the fishing report! It began with our drive to the lake in heavy rain somewhere along the way. While I was gassing up, about 100 seagulls flew from the roof of a building and straight over my head. Let’s just say that I am thankful that there was a roof to duck under because I think they all let loose at the same time! Once on the water, we began by throwing senko’s to rocky flats and boulder strewn areas looking for big bites. The first place only produced one fish as Gino was battling a 4 pounder to the net. On the next shoal, we managed to get 4 big bites, landed 3 bass all over 4 pounds and broke one fish off on the hookset that was probably the same size as well. After this, we were forced to take shelter under a bridge nearby when “Mother Nature” decided to light up the sky with an incredible thunderstorm that kept us hiding for almost an hour. As soon as it was safe to venture back out we did and Gino locked up with a big fish almost instantly. This time however, it was a largemouth and well over 5 pounds. I’m sure if I had a scale, it would have gone closer to 6 pounds. The rest of the afternoon saw fish here & there, but all big with an average greater than 4 pounds each. With another storm approaching in the distance, we fished one last area before we made a dash back to the ramp. I was glad we stuck it out as long as we did because both Gino & I managed to get one more fish apiece that were also over 4 pounds each before we left. They say in life that timing is everything and boy are they right! We managed to get the boat on the trailer and unload it before the skies let loose once again. All in all, it was a great day with only big fish to show for our efforts. If this were a tournament, there would have been a stringer of 21 pounds or better to weigh in.