I fished with Leonard & his grandson, Eron today on Lake St-Louis today for smallmouth bass. We were beginning to wonder if we had made the right choice in days as the weather looked like potential rain in the distance. Fortunately it was to change before noon & eventually become sunny. The winds were almost non-existent making our long run up the lake a smooth ride. It took a while before we were into the fish and Leonard was the first to hook up on a soft plastic jerk-bait. The water temps were almost 70 degrees but continue to lose temp every night with the cooling air. Eventually both Leonard and Eron were into fish and Eron seemed to be catching some of the largest ones of the day, up to 4 pounds on senko’s. He had a couple the measured 18.5 inches and would have been a solid contender in an ongoing tournament had he been of age to register. After catching many bass and missing many more, we decided to try another area further away. The lack of wind and high sunshine made locating these offshore shoals a simple task. Leonard hooked into the first fish of about 3 pounds on a tiny crankbait and I knew we were going to get into them. I had Eron throwing a jerk-bait across e flats and I saw several large fish following it back to the boat that may have committed if he was aware of their presence. I thought I would throw a tube along the outside in deeper water and came up with several bites in a short time with a couple of them going in the high 4 pound range that went airborne and just came off. Unfortunately this only lasted a short while until the winds went SE on us and sent the fish into a lockjaw mode. We stuck it out for a little longer and then called t a day. There was no sense pursuing this any longer as it was getting late and the fish just weren’t cooperating. By the end of the day the total count landed would have been around 20 bass with at least that many or more lost or missed. A good day that could have been a great one!!