Well, today was definitely a lot more productive than yesterday! I fished with Sam, Stephan & Matt on Lake St-Louis for smallmouth and we got into them pretty good. The first area produced over 20 bass up to 4.5 pounds with most of them over 3 pounds as well. By working shallow, rocky areas adjacent to some vegetation and deep water we were able to intercept the fish both coming and going on their feed. In fact, every spot we were going to fish today produced good results. The weather was still hot & humid, but there was a little chop on the water in the morning that I feel contributed to our success. The air was cool, but it didn’t take long before we were feeling the 90 plus temperatures once again. Water temps were still between 73 and 78 degrees, depending on the areas we were fishing. Senko’s, as usual were the hot ticket once more with a few bass coming on a soft plastic jerk-bait too. All three guys were hooking up but Sammy had the hot hand today landing about 20 smallies himself before the day was over. By days end, there were almost 50 bass caught with many others either lost or just missed on the strike. All in all a great day was had by all and nobody got hurt! Last time out, Sam took a hook in the ear by his friend and I was glad to see that it healed up just fine. With days like these, the fish are definitely locked into their summer pattern and stable weather has kept them there too. I can’t wait to get back on them again!!