Ira, Bert & Marcus joined me today on Lake St-Louis for some smallmouth action. The weather was going to be another carbon copy of yesterday, less the wind. Air temps got into the mid 90’s and the water temps were 74 to 79 degrees depending on where we fished. With no wind, our run up the lake was a real smooth ride to the first location. I rigged all the rods with senko’s, showed everyone how to work these baits and let the games begin. A few fish were missed before they began to hook up and bass up to 3.5 pounds were finally coming aboard. Ira even had a bonus largemouth of almost 4 pounds in this smallmouth location. The action was a little slower than I had hoped for but it was still pretty good regardless. We switched to another area when we began seeing bass just cruising and had no more hits. The second area had Marcus finally hooked up, almost immediately and I thought we were going to crush them here. Unfortunately that was not to be and we fished for some time after before another bass was caught. A couple of the next ones landed were in the high threes and low fours and were worth the wait. Ira was surely the hot hand today as he seemed to hook up more than the others, but everyone was having some action too. I decided to idle to the next spot and take advantage of this time by having lunch along the way. This next place proved to be a good one as well with Ira still continuing to get into quality bass of 3 pounds or better. I think the toughest thing about today was the heat and lack of wind. It was a real scorcher and it wasn’t going to get any better! The next move was a little further away and the wind actually felt pretty good while we were running to the area. Bert drew first blood here with another small largemouth and Ira was soon to follow with a nice smallie. We spent a little while fishing these rocky flats catching fish every once & a while in almost no water. The active fish were on top of these rocks in as little as a foot of water. We saw several good fish in the deeper water adjacent, but they had no interest in our offerings and just caused us more frustration as they cruised along. As it was getting on in the day and still real hot, the guys thought we would fish for a few more minutes and call it a day. I relocated and Bert had us staying for almost another hour when he started locking up regularly. The winds had begun to blow from the SW at about 10 knots and I believe the disturbance had the fish fired up as well. Everyone began to hook up here, but Bert was the one with his rod bend more often. It was definitely a good end to a great day with over 30 fish landed and many more lost & missed.