This morning I fished with Mark & his son Daniel for a half day on Lake St-Louis. I was actually glad to be on the water for just a half day due to the weather forecast scheduled for this afternoon. It was suppose to be thundershowers and heavy winds up to 30 knots from the S/W and I didn’t want to experience that again. We began by making a long run up the lake to our first spot and Mark lost a good fish on a spinnerbait when she went airborne. Moments later, Daniel also lost one that should have been well hooked on the third or fourth jump. These two fish were Kodak worthy, should they have come aboard! We did manage to land three others and a pike before we relocated due to slower than expected action. Nothing on the second area and 5 missed strikes on the third made us move on once more to another location. This time it produced two nice smallies over 3 pounds on senko’s, a couple of walleye on tubes and another northern around 6 pounds as well. Being pressed for time and watching the weather move in, I decided to try one more area in hopes of some action. Unfortunately, only two smaller bass were taken on a spider grub and we had to leave when the sky looked too bad to hang around. Overall the day had a possible 18 chances at fish and over half of them were landed. The weather really had a lot to do with the outcome as we ran in, in pretty heavy rain and dark skies. Half days are always difficult unless the conditions are just prefect. All in all a pretty good half day, nevertheless!!