Leonard & Ben fished with me today on Lake St-Louis for bass. The cool overnight temps and E winds made for a tough bite during the morning as we found out. The afternoon was a different story though as they hooked up quite well! The water temps were 73 degrees and climbed to 75 in a few areas with the air hitting 85 late in the day. The winds weren’t strong, but they were blowing against the current and that’s never good! Most of the day was overcast, but the sun did shine a bit throughout the day. I wanted to teach both Leonard & Ben a simple technique that they would be able to use on their lake up north so we fished senko’s all day. It took them a little while to get use to the baits, but eventually found themselves catching fish. Smallies up to 3.5 pounds were landed and several in the 4 plus range were unfortunately lost or just missed. There was however, a nice largemouth of almost 5 pounds landed by Ben and that was a real bonus fish for him. It was his first largie and it was a real beauty! By the end of the day there were about 15 or so bass & one pike caught but there was about the same or more lost as well. All in all a pretty good day for two guys that were new to this type of fishing!