Today I was on another nearby lake for smallies with Lee. He had brought his wife to Montreal for their anniversary and decided that he would fish for a couple of days while they were here. She tagged along with us while on the water, but never really fished. Lee was an experienced bass fisherman & tournament angler but for largemouth. He was looking for a wall hanger of a smallmouth and hoped to have a reproduction made from something above 5 pounds. The conditions weren’t exactly perfect for what I wanted to do, but I figured it could be done. With no wind, flat water and overcast skies, it was going to be slow fishing. By fishing with senko’s and tubes, we were able to pick up fish every once in a while on almost every area we went to. Without a doubt, the senko’s were what worked the best as most of the fish were caught with these baits. Lee did however manage to catch a really long and skinny bass on a tube that went 20 inches. He also managed to get a few on spinnerbaits that almost ripped the rod out of his hands when they hit. By the end of the day, there were about 15 to 20 bass caught up to 4 pounds, but nothing in the mountable size range today. As I told him, the wind and sunshine really help in getting these big bronze beauties and we had the exact opposite today. Hopefully, tomorrow would be better!!