Richard, Ian and I hit another lake today after yesterday’s miserable results. This was not the best start to the day as we had terrible looking skies and heavy cloud cover. The run up the lake was a sooth, windless ride and quite enjoyable. Senko’s were our first choice with these conditions and it didn’t take too long before the first fish was on. Unfortunately, it was on the smaller side and a little disappointing. The next few bass were no different and equally as small until Richard finally got into something of substance. It too hit a senko and soon after a largemouth of almost 5 pounds was in the net. This fish went into the livewell for later photos! A mist and light wind was beginning to fall and unfortunately blowing from the wrong direction so we moved to another area and began throwing spinnerbaits. Pike and an occasional bass were hooked into before we moved on once more. The winds were blowing a little harder as we crossed over the lake in 3-foot waves to get to a sheltered area that we would be able to fish for largemouth. Richard & I were pitching heavy jigs into thick cover and Ian was throwing a soft plastic jerkbait over the open water to try & entice anything that might be holding there. Ian had a nice fish on rather quickly, but it came off before we had a chance to see how big it was. He had a couple more hits on the jerkbait, but only managed to land one of the largemouth bass that went 3.5 pounds at least. We took a couple of pics of the largemouth and released them into the weedy area before we went to see if we could get into some smallies. This was to prove to be a good choice as we began catching some smallies on tubes and senko’s. These fish were in a feeding period and the rest of the day saw consistent action wherever we went. By targeting open patches in heavy weeds we were able to get into probably close to 15 or 20 nice smallmouth before we were done. There was even a walleye of 3.5 pounds taken on a jerkbait and that was going to be dinner. I don’t know if it was the afternoon sunshine or just the fact that the fish were active, but the last 3 or 4 hours of today was spectacular! Once the weather cleared up and the sun came out, it became a different day. We were down to T-Shirts for the rest of the afternoon and catching fish. What could be better! All in all it was a great end to a good day with close to 30 bass landed and many others lost.