After a not so great day on the water yesterday due to even stronger N/W winds, I was glad to see the lake calm down. We still had the N/W winds, but they weren’t any stronger than 5 to 10 knots at the worst. Most of the morning, there was only a ripple on the water and this made it easy for both my wife Christiane and myself to cast. Skies were sunny with intermittent clouds shadowing the water we fished The air temps reached 70 degrees late in the afternoon and the best water temps we found were on the windblown side of the lake at 72 degrees. I thought we would continue to throw jerk-baits and Christiane hooked up not long after we started. I was sure she had a smallie and that it was a biggun! Line peeled from the reel as I chased the fish down with the electric motor trying to get a closer look at what she was into. When I caught a glimpse of this thing I saw what looked like a 7 or 8-pound smallmouth bass, but eventually realized that it was only a freshwater drum. This was the first time one of these drum ever attacked a hard bait like the jerk-bait, but it was the largest one too, of almost 12 pounds. Shortly after this fish was released, I hooked into a smallie of 4.5 pounds and Christiane had a couple of others slightly smaller on tubes as well. We moved around a bit looking for other large bass and Christiane got into another biggun. It definitely went over 5 pounds and into the livewell for pics later. The rest of the day we moved around hooking into a fish here and there and eventually hit one area where we had several fish on, only landing about half of them. I think with the warmer weather on the way, it will only get better in the days to come. The shallows will once again heat up causing everything to become active once more and 25 to 50 fish days will return. We didn’t crush them today, but we did have a great time with about a dozen or so fish landed and several others seen, or missed. All in all a good day and nobody got hurt!