Richard & his son, Max fished with me again today on St-Francis for bass. I had them out a week ago on another lake and had caught both largemouth & smallmouth bass on a variety of baits. Today we were looking for some real trophy smallies and I hoped for only big fish. The winds were blowing from the W/SW at around 10 knots and perfect for what I had planned on doing. We were throwing jerk-baits and spinnerbaits over shallow flats in anticipation of reaction strikes from the bass in the area. With this kind of chop on the water they wouldn’t have too long to look at the lures and in crystal clear water, this really helps! The first fish to come aboard was almost 4 pounds and it really nailed the jerk-bait. It also had a few others following as the fish fought & I tried to get another by throwing a jig into the group while the battle was on. Unfortunately, they lost interest and disappeared somewhere into the weeds nearby. Many large fish were seen roaming the area as the winds moved us along this flat, but very few were willing to commit to anything we threw at them. Several of the largest fish came up on the jerk-bait and actually nipped the tail hook but didn’t get on. Richard managed to lock up on a nice one that we had follow a few times and landed another around the same size as the first one. He also hooked up on a couple of others a little further away on a spinnerbait and landed two more before we switched areas. Max landed a nice smallie on a senko in this spot with the winds almost dying out completely. Unfortunately this was the only fish caught with many others seen also roaming around. I thought we would change it up a bit and try for largemouth, so we headed into the shallows and thick weeds for a while to give it a try. This was to prove to be a tough bite as we lost a few in the thick weeds but never really landed anything. A little later we tried for smallmouth again and Richard decided to throw a big bucktail spinner to see if he could hook up with a larger pike or maybe a muskie. Guess what, he landed another smallie of close to 4 pounds once more! With the winds bowing even harder, we were into 3 to 4 footers at the end of our drift and decided to call it a day. I sure was glad to be in the Ranger for this run back to the ramp. A tough day again but there was a tournament on this lake the day before and I’m sure a lot of the fish were still feeling the pressure. Overall it was a good day with only large smallies caught, but no real trophies!!