I was back on Memphremagog again today, but this time with Alain, Claude & his son Alex. With a serious fog delaying us from running far, I just ran to a close by waypoint and we began to fish. The air temps were in the mid 40’s and the water temps were barely 70 degrees with very limited visibility. Claude scored the first fish on a jerk-bait, but unfortunately it was a perch. Alain managed to get into a nice smallie on a top-water bait and it was a three pounder. I had several perch as well and even doubled up on a jerk-bait on one of my casts with two of them. Finally, I got into a 3.5-pound bass and managed to land it a little while later. I even found an area that I had been looking for the week before and this time did it in the fog. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch anything on it though and went back to the off shore weed beds where the fish were. It took about an hour and a half before the fog lifted and we were finally able to move down the lake to other areas and fish. Based on the previous two times on the lake the week before, I knew we would have to fish slowly with jigs if we wanted to be successful. I concentrated on the outside of weeds in slightly deeper water and we picked a fish here & there throughout the day, but nothing big. The weather actually turned out to be a beautiful day with air temps reaching almost 80 degrees and sunshine for the remainder of the day. With no winds, we were able to cover lots of water comfortably, but not too effectively. The fall isn’t here yet and the fish are still in a summer pattern on the lake but there is still too much food for them to eat. With all the perch around the weeds, the bass look more like springtime spawners rather than summertime feeders. With the day getting on a little, I decided to run back to the weeds where we began to see if we could get into a few more before we called it. I demonstrated a cast to Alex with a spinnerbait and locked up on a nice fish of over 3 pounds immediately. I really thought we were going to get them after that, but was disappointed to only see perch afterwards. Alex caught another small bass and we finally called it a day. There were plenty of fish caught today on a variety of lures, but most of them were on the smaller side. All in al it was a really nice day to be on the water and we all had a great day!!