I fished with Richard & his son, Max again today on a local lake for bass. The weather began in the high 60’s but ended in the 80’s by days end. The winds started from the N/E blowing at 5 to 10 knots and eventually swung around to the W at 5 by afternoon. Clouds & occasional sunshine greeted us with mostly cloud throughout the day. The smallmouth bite was really off in the morning, so I decided to teach Richard how to pitch for largemouth bass in thick cover. It didn’t take him long to get the hang of pitching the flipping jig into heavy vegetation. The bass were tight to cover and nothing else was working for us so we decided to continue this for a while. I think there were about a half dozen fish caught and a few others missed by utilizing this technique. Sometime in the early afternoon, we decided to try for smallies once again and Richard hooked up on a big bass on a current break. Unfortunately, it came off before he had a chance to fight it or long. We did manage to get a pretty good look at her though and concluded that it was in the mid 4 pound range. Max hooked into the next smallie of over three pounds and it put on quite the aerial display for us with many a jump. There wasn’t much time left before they had to head home, so I decided to try a couple of areas that had been producing big fish lately in hoped of a few huge bites. Richard got into only one fish in each place, but they were 19.5 inches or better putting both of them in the mid to high four pound range. The day wasn’t fast & furious, but it did produce some pretty good fish and one new technique to add to Richard’s bag of tricks.