Sammy, Stephan, Anthony & Vic fished with me today on a local body of water for a multi species kind of day. We began trolling huge plugs for Muskie in the morning to see if we could score a big fish and it proved to be the right choice. In the first 15 minutes, the long line went off and the fire drill began. After several attempts at getting the rod out of the holder by them, without success, I had to remove it and handed the rod off to the closest person. Sammy was the lucky one and he battled this muskie to the boat. It was quite impressive for them to see a fish of that size beside the boat as I reached out to lip it with a Boga Grip knock off. I now know why the real Boga is so expensive as the fish twisted and broke this cheap Matzuo model leaving me with a bent tool, so to speak! I really wanted to get this fish in for a quick pic, but was only able to unhook it and release it while still in the water. No sense harming the fish or a potential injury to someone with all those hooks hanging out of the fish’s face. I estimated this fish to be around 18 pounds and somewhere between 41 & 44 inches in length. Not a giant, but enough to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping! There was a nice mist coming off the water with the cool morning temps of barely 50 degrees and a light wind from the SW at 5 to 10 knots making it a perfect looking day. I knew that the sun would eventually burn off all this and wanted to take advantage of it as long as it remained. We trolled for quite a while longer without another touch and decided to try for smallmouth bass instead. It took about 30 seconds in the first spot to have the first fish on and Vic soon landed one of about 3 pounds on a tube jig. Unfortunately, one other bite off afterwards was all we got in this area and I knew it was from a Muskie roaming around. We moved to another spot a little further away and let the games begin! Stephan was the first to lock up and I knew what was to follow. A huge school of smallies came in with the fish and Sammy dropped a jig in the middle and snapped a good fish off almost instantly. When this happens, you have to be quick to react and the others weren’t fast enough to take advantage of the situation. We released the hooked fish and reorganized once more. The next attempt had a double with Anthony & Stephan both locked up and again, Sammy broke off a decent fish on another hook set. With 10 feet of line in the water, a less powerful set is all that is required, not a lip ripping hook set! The school was beginning to get a little spooked and eventually disappeared to the deep water and never showed again. We now had to cast the entire area and hook one here and one there. Everyone managed to get into fish, but Sammy definitely caught more than the others, as he seemed to be with bent rod, almost constantly. When all this died off completely, we relocated once more and tried casting spinner-baits for a while. The fish seemed to be in a real negative mood and were either following them or lightly hitting the skirts like they wanted the lures out of their faces. I managed to hook one around 4 pounds on the spinner-bait when three of the others decided to take a break. Unfortunately it came off at the boat when I tried to swing it aboard! We continued fishing smallies for a while without any luck and then tried trolling for Muskie once again. At one point, all 4 guys were asleep and I hooked up on a deep rod. Stephan woke up first and he was the lucky person who got to fight the fish for about 20 or 30 seconds before the line went loose. Somehow the fish managed to get off and that was all they wrote for the trolling bite! It wasn’t the best day, but there was a good amount of action with the bass and a nice Muskie in the morning to add to this picture perfect day on the water. All in all a pretty good day!