This was to be a day off, but I thought I would head out anyway with Mike & my wife, Christiane. We decided to make it a mixed day and Mike was going to try & get Christiane into her first Muskie, while I promised him some big bass. The weather had taken a turn for the worse with last night’s cold front and we weren’t too sure what was going to happen. Temperatures were in the 60’s most of the day with a cold N/W wind of 15 knots. We were in cloud cover for the entire day until the last 30 minutes when we were ready to leave. The water temperature had dropped a couple of degrees and was as low as 68.5 in some areas. By the time we finally got fishing it was after 10:00 AM and we trolled giant pieces of lumber to see about a muskie bite for a few hours before going for smallies, without a touch. The bass weren’t much better with only 3 fish actually taking tubes and senkos, almost 4 pounds apiece. We did however see plenty of giants in the area with a few looking like they were in the high fives or even 6 pounds. After total frustration, we hit a couple of other areas without any success and went back to trolling for muskie. It took about 5 minutes into the troll and one of the rods fired hooking up with a small muskie. Christiane finally landed her first ever skie! It may have been small, but it was what she wanted and she could finally say she caught one. We were sure that another larger fish would be taken and trolled for about 2 or 3 hours more without a touch and called it a day. Not the best fishing day, but a productive, pleasure fishing trip nonetheless!!