I headed up north today with Warren & Mike to try a smaller lake for smallies & muskie. It proved to be a good choice as there were some huge bass taken, mostly on tubes. The weather looked a little dismal with overcast skies, but the temps were way up there! Water temps were about the same as all the other lakes I had been on lately with the highest going just over 70 degrees. A little wind from the SW increased in the afternoon and eventually started blowing around 10 to 20 knots. Thankfully, it felt great as the air temperatures climbed into the 90’s with some sunshine causing it to be another scorcher! In all, there were about 15 bass caught with most of them being 4 pounds or better and a couple over 5 pounds too. There were only 2 small muskie caught up to 36 inches, but a couple of others were also hooked into and lost as well. Points and deep weeds were where most of the bass came from and by casting way out to deep water; we were able to take advantage of the big biters. In about 7 hours of actual fishing, we fended quite well on a new lake. All in all a great day on the water!