I fished up north on a remote lake again today, but this time with Mike & his son Ryan. We had great expectations when the weather looked like it was going to be a beautiful day only to have clouds move in early in the morning and stay all day. Originally, the plans were to fish a local body of water in the Montreal area, but they forecasted really strong winds and a smaller lake was the alternative choice. Air temps reached into the 70’s with the winds out of the SW gusting at 20 knots but there were plenty of protected areas that fishing wasn’t unpleasant. Catching on the other hand, could have better! There were only about 10 bass caught up to 4 pounds and a Northern Pike of about 8 pounds caught while trolling for Muskie. A couple of other Muskie were lost on light tackle when they just bit the jigs off completely. One was seen that looked to be around 15 pounds, but the other one never showed his face and just cut the line instantly. We fished hard and with many areas covered, there definitely should have been better results. Unfortunately, that’s why they call it fishing! All in all a rather disappointing day that had to be settled on up north!