I was back on the water again today with Warren, for more smallie action. It wasn’t as fast paced as I had expected, but it was still a great day. The weatherman had forecasted sunshine with cloudy periods in the afternoon and no chance of rain until the evening. As usual, he was bang on with the prediction too! We drove to the lake in a light, misty drizzle followed by heavy clouds and the sun finally showed late in the afternoon. You gotta love them!! The air temps reached about 45 degrees at best and the water temps were 53.5 degrees later in the day as well. Winds were out of the S and very light allowing us to fish quite comfortably. I believe that Warren locked up on almost his first cast with a high 3 smallie and we were on our way to many more. I tried getting into a crankbait bite several times during the day, but it never happened. Every fish caught today was on tube jigs fished slowly anywhere between 3 & 25 feet of water. Quite a big range! We tried several locations hoping to intercept a large school of bass, but found the best areas to be weed edges with a deep drop off adjacent and some sort of hard bottom along the outside. Some of the bites were so light that it was almost impossible to detect without a tight line. We did also get into a few decent smallmouth throwing spinnerbaits over the weeds just trying to cover water. The best fish however, came from the jigs and some almost dead sticked in order to get bit. It wasn’t fast & furious, but we still managed to get into about 75 bass by working several areas looking for the mother load. I think the best is still yet to come, as the heavy weeds need to die out before the fish go into their schooling phase. Right now the concentrations are small and you have to move around plenty in order to get into the numbers that I am so accustomed to at this time of year. All in all a pretty good day nevertheless!!!