I was back on the water again this morning, once more at the crack of 11! It was really too cold last night to be racing out in pursuit of fish that would bite just as well when you could actually have feeling in your hands. Alain & his girlfriend Cindy, as well as my wife, Christiane joined me today for some incredible smallmouth bass action. The water temps had gone down once more with all the cold nights we had been experiencing and were now a little over 49 degrees at best. This didn’t seem to matter as Christiane locked up on just her second cast. It turned out to be a really nice fish of 4.5 pounds or better as I netted it and put him in the livewell. We would be taking pics later and wanted to keep a few of the larger ones for the shoot. Although it may have been sunny, the winds were from the NE at 10 to 20 knots and that just felt cold. It might have reached 38 or 40 degrees again today but the wind chill had the temps more like 28 or 30 degrees max. We managed to get into lots of really quality sized; smallies today with probably close to a dozen in the 20-inch size. There were 5 bass that would have gone 5 pounds or better and an uncountable amount of 19 inch fish over 4 pounds as well. Even with the crappy conditions, the fishing was great! Everyone caught lots of big fish and we ended up with over 50 bass total by days end. This is pretty good considering we only spent about 5 hours on the water today!