Jim & I were back on the water once again today, but this time his friend Mike accompanied us. We launched the boat & ran behind an island due to the heavy winds to begin our troll. It was blowing strong from the W at 15 to 20 knots & we needed to set up somewhere calm. Air temps were in the upper 40’s & water temps were 55 degrees. For over an hour we trolled without a strike & relocated after catching a couple of perch & bass in over 30 feet of water. On the next spot, immediately after letting the lines out, one of the deep rods screamed & I knew this had to be a trout! I had just marked several big hooks on this deep shoal & one of them ate the fly. Mike Had a difficult time getting the rod out & too much slack caused the fish to come off. I hate when they don’t eat the fly better & we suffer the misfortune. The rest of the day was mixed with trolling & casting but no other trout were seen. We only caught perch and an occasional bass. Slightly tougher day today, but still good day on the water!