This was definitely the warmest day of the year so far as temps reached almost 80 degrees. Bobby had changed his date from the 15th to today when he saw the weather forecast & wasn’t disappointed. This year he was joined by Frank & his intro to trolling with fly rods was very productive. We began working over 20 to 30 feet of water & it didn’t take long before the reels began to go off. Unfortunately, they turned out to be bass on the smaller side and not the fish we were marking. I had seen several big hooks on the sonar and was sure they were the trout we were searching for. We worked all over the lake marking schools of baitfish & some really big arches, but couldn’t seem to get them to hit. The only rods going off were the deep lines and the shallow rod never fired until late in the day. Just when I thought we got lucky, Frank landed a 5-pound smallie & disappointment set in once again. It was a beautiful fish but not what we were after! This fish hit a fly down 12 feet over 38 feet of water. A little later over the same water, Bobby had a reel scream & I knew this was the real deal. By the time he got it out of the holder, it was gone! Unlike the bass, when trout take the fly, they take it with incredible speed and it’s usually unmistakable. This was to be our last shot at a trout today, but not for lack of trying. We switched up to casting jigs & jerkbaits on steep breaks and deeper structures and had a couple of lakers follow the jigs right to the boat. Plenty more fish were hooked but not what we were after and we moved on. We hit all the best areas & came up empty today. Flat water and high sunshine with water temps exceeding 60 degrees surely had a part in the outcome today. Although we weren’t able to land any trout, it was still a great day on the water!