Bill fished with me today on a local lake for bass with a friend from Arizona as well. Air temps reached into the low 80’s by the end of the day & water temps were as high as 73. The morning started out a little slow as I began the search for the smallies. Not many were caught but they were quality ones all around 4 pounds. Frank even t managed to get into a nice walleye of over 6 pounds while tube fishing in the same area. Without any wind today, it was a real scorcher on the water! I checked many areas looking for a concentration until I eventually realized how shallow they still were. Finally we were into bass, both smallies & largermouth, mostly on soft plastic baits. In the next few hours plenty of quality fish up to 4 pounds were caught & released before we called the day. There was a big storm brewing & I wanted off the water as quickly as possible! All in all a great day!