Mike & Ryan along with Jeff, Mike’s brother joined me on another local lake today looking for some bass action. We were into fish almost immediately as spinner baits & soft plastics were hooking largemouth in shallow, weedy bays from the start. Overcast skies looked like rain might be brewing, but we got lucky as the sun eventually over powered the sky by late morning. I knew that with the cooler water temps that the smallies were going to be a problem so I concentrated mainly on the largemouth today. Just like yesterday, we covered lots of water today catching bass pretty much all over. There wasn’t anything huge today, but there were several fish in the 3.5-pound range landed making for a few good pics. As usual, Ryan was on fire landing over 50% of all fish caught. I think I’ll just rename him hoover from now on as today he became the human vacuum! Being in the front of the boat played a big role in the outcome as he had first crack at all the best water before the others. With all the sunshine today, the water had a chance to warm up a few degrees causing the smallies to finally show up in the shallows. Unfortunately, all we did was look at them due to their lack of aggression. By 5:00 P.M. we decided to call it a day & headed back to the ramp. Lots of fish were caught, but nothing big again. I can’t wait for the water to warm up allowing us to hook into multiple, big fish every day, once more!