Well great expectations were met with even greater disappointment today when we arrived at the boat ramp. The winds were blowing 3 footers at best directly on to the launch causing us to change our plans entirely. I had wanted to use this ramp to be able to troll some of the deeper shoals looking for salmon, but had to settle for another game plan as well as a place to launch. Air temps were almost 60 with steady rain falling & 15 to 25 knot winds form the S. We were in 60 degree water & I knew it would be tough to get the lines down deep enough to meet their comfort range, but tried never the less. We had a few short strikes on the deep lines before we finally connected with a fish over 40 feet of water. To our amazement, it was a largemouth over 4 pounds. Several more smallies , pickerel & even jumbo perch were taken as well before we just abandoned the area entirely & called it quits. Between mother nature & the suspended bass & pickerel we had enough. Misty rain with an occasional shower was all we had to show for our efforts today!