Frank joined me on the lake today in hopes of taking home a laker or two to eat. The air temps weren’t any higher tan 62 degrees at best & the water temps never exceeded 53.5 where we were. We were also blessed with heavy cloud cover, an occasional rain shower & gusting winds from the N/W at 10 to 20 knots. Our first spot only produced a few small bass & perch, but each day before had showed great potential when we had follows from lakers. Because there was only two of us in the boat, we decided to cast the break lines instead of the usual fly rod troll. This however didn’t work out & we soon set up the other rods & began to troll. On the first pass over deep water, one of the rods went off & I knew it was a lake trout. Unfortunately it didn’t stay on for long & left us empty handed. The other reel also fired briefly, but then went silent. Short strikes are a real pain! Both flies were mangled & we had to reset them for another pass. This time one of the deep reels fired & the fish was locked up. Once again however, it came off at the boat when both lines somehow became tangled. More bad luck with the trout! We did finally manage to land a couple of lakers but they both fell short of the slot size & had to be released. Too bad the first one wasn’t landed as I think it was close to 4 pounds. It would have definitely made the cut! The rest of the day was spent catching only perch & an occasional bass using this technique. The trout just didn’t want to cooperate today & left us a little short. All in all, still a good day despite to lack of fish. No pics today!