I had the pleasure of fishing with Leonard and his grandson, Erin today for their annual fishing day once again. The weather didn’t look great when we headed out so I suggested that we start by trolling for pike & walleye in order to get Erin into some fish quickly. It took less than 5 minutes and he was fighting the first northern pike of many more to come! Skies were quite overcast and the clouds were very low looking like it could rain any moment. It wasn’t the rain that concerned me so much as the chance of thunder & lightening. Winds were non-existent for most of the day and blew about 5 to 10 knots later in the day giving us a great day to troll. Water temps were about the same as they have been for a while at 73 degrees and the air temps reached almost 90 degrees with high humidity. The morning troll was a little slower than I had expected with spurts of action every now & then but when the sun finally came out later on, the fish came alive. Erin was reeling in northerns hand over fist and even landed 5 walleye as well throughout the day. Most of the pike were in the 3 to 5 pound range but there was one big one that topped the scales at over 7 pounds making for a real happy camper. Although there were lulls in the day, there was plenty of action to keep Erin happy with over 40 fish being landed before we called it a day. By 3:00 P.M. we decided to get off the lake and head home due to the skies looking pretty eerie. As luck would have it, while we were at my house, they let lose with thunder & lightening along with a heavy rain. It’s all about timing and we left at the right time! An excellent day on the water with Erin having the best day of fishing ever!!