Mike & Joe joined me today on a local lake for another multi species day. They were looking to see if they could catch a few walleye for the table, so I set the lines out to troll. The weather started a little cool with the air temps around 60 degrees but climbed way up to the low 80’s by the time we were done. Winds were out of the S at 10 to 15 knots and the water temps were barely 70 degrees. I don’t think we had the lines in the water for more than 3 minutes when the first reel went off and Mike was into a nice smallie over 3 pounds. Soon after, Joe also landed a smallie a little smaller and we were well on our way. Eventually, Joe got hold of a nice walleye of almost 4 pounds and into the livewell it went. We had a few misfires and then a double header of smallies a little later and then Joe managed another walleye of about the same size again. The action wasn’t fast & furious, but they were definitely hitting in the area we were trolling! Mike also added to the walleye with one a little smaller for the dinner table. One anorexic northern and a few more smallies and we decided to try our luck to see if we couldn’t hook up with a muskie. I relocated, set out the lines and began to troll a weed edge hoping for just one hit. Maybe 20 minutes into the pass, the deep line screamed for a couple of seconds and then went silent. Another drive by! I hate when that happens. The lure was over deep water and there weren’t any signs of weeds when I checked the bait, so I knew it was a fish. This was to prove to be the only hit we were to have as I trolled for about 90 minutes hoping to lock up. Back to searching for walleye with the lighter rods and an instant hook up of a pike was had. I really thought we were going to get them good, but only managed one other fish in the next 45 minutes. Fortunately, it was a walleye and Joe reeled it in again. They had to leave by 2:00 P.M. so we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. There were lots of fish hooked and landed today, but not the numbers or size that I am so accustomed to. Luckily for them though, walleye is on the menu for tonight’s dinner!!