Today I fished with Sydney and his grandson Oliver as well as one of their friends, Beryl for a mixed bag day. We began the day wondering if we were going to get dumped on with rain as we made our way across the lake to troll. The sky looked terrible with heavy dark clouds looming all around, but no rain fell. Air temps were in the mid 60’s soon to climb into the upper 70’s and the water temps were barely 72 degrees in most areas we fished. The winds were from the N at 10 knots or so and eventually died completely only to start again from the N/E and blow 10 to 15 knots with the approaching storms. We trolled for a while catching a few fish here & there but had to work pretty hard with the cooler waters to scratch up the fish we did. Oliver was the one catching the fish and managed to land several pike up to 7 pounds or so, but only one walleye later along. Her also caught a couple of smallies with one of them being over 3 pounds while trolling. As we made our way along to new areas, the reel fired and Oliver was into a big pike that would have definitely been over 10 pounds if we were ever able to land it. As bad luck would have it, the fish had 2 of our lures in its mouth and thrashed around at the boat throwing one and cutting the other off completely. Bye, bye pike!! Eventually, we opted to try our luck at bass and managed to get into a few smallies and a couple of largies, all on senko’s. Oliver hooked and landed a few smallmouth and caught a decent largie over 3 pounds as well. At another location, we hit several fish before the storms approached up to 5 pounds. Unfortunately with all the dark skies around us, we had to pack it in and head back to the ramp by 4:00 P.M. It wasn’t one of the greatest days on the water, but despite all the terrible weather lately I think we fended quite well. By the time it was all over, there had to be close to 25 fish landed with a pretty good mix of species as well as size. We all had a blast too!!