Ray, Kevin & Rick were my guests today on a local lake for a half day of fishing. I began by trolling stickbaits along a weed line for bass, walleye & pike to see if we could hook up quickly. The weather was in our favour as we had sunny skies and a light S/W wind at less than 5 knots. Air temps were barely 60 degrees and the surface water temps were almost 72 degrees in the best places. The cold nights we’ve had lately have dropped the water temps by almost 3 degrees since last week. It wasn’t too long before the 1st reel went off and Kevin was into a nice smallie of 3.5 pounds. Ray was up next and he also landed a smallie, but slightly smaller in size. Each person took a turn at the rod and rotation came full circle several times making it work out well. At one point, Rick grabbed the rod and battled a beautiful walleye to the net. This fish was over 6 pounds and one of the largest ones caught this season. It was also a personal best for Rick and I was glad to hear that as I slid it into the livewell for a later pic. We trolled the area for a few hours in all and managed to catch smallies, pike and a couple of walleye before we opted towards casting senko’s for smallies in another area not too far away. This was also a little slow, but we managed to get into about 12 fish or so in less than 2 hours up to almost 4 pounds. The big fish just weren’t around as the smaller ones kept grabbing the baits and getting hooked before the bruisers could get on. We only saw a few big fish in the area and weren’t able to get into them before we had to call it a day. By 1:00 P.M. we were taking off the water, as there were meetings this afternoon that they had to attend. It wasn’t fast & furious, but it was still a great day to spend on the water with at least 20 or more fish caught and many others lost as well!!